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UVGI in HVAC Sytems

UVGI in HVAC Sytems


 Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation Is :


Benefits of Aeropure UV Systems: 

For Power Savings 

The installation of UVGI devices lead to electrical energy savings to the tune of 10 to 15% by improving heat transfer efficiency of AHU cooling coil, which in turn results in reduction of chilled water requirement from the chiller.


For Air Quality 

It has been proven beyond doubt worldwide, that UVGI is extremely effective way to improve and maintain indoor air quality, the united states General services Administration included in cooling coils of air handling units for all federal coil cleanliness and improve air quality.


AHU Maintenance savings 

AHU coil cleaning is a major problem in HVAC maintenance. It is very difficult to do coil cleaning manually. By UV-C energy it reduces manual coil cleaning problems. It also reduces need of chemical solvents, pressure wash for cooling coils. So the cost is savings on HVAC Maintenance.


Green building benefits 

UV-C contributes in energy saving, reduces water consumption and wast water cost and chemical use in AHU.


Who needs UVGI


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